Wooden Pallets

Wooden pallets are produced in either heat treated, or sawn timber and can be 2 way or 4 way entry. Special wooden pallets can also be constructed to customer specifications. It is also generally used for storage, stacking and in-premise movement of materials. It is basically only a base made in the form of either solid or a crate type.

LVL and Plywood Pallets

We also able to manufacture LVL and Plywood pallet as per customer requirement size. It can be 2 way or 4 way entry. The standard size are 4000mm X 225mm X 38mm OR 6000mm X 225MM X 38mm OR customize. We are using MR, E2, Melamine as the glue. The surrounding moisture must below 20% to keep the pallet in good condition.

Wooden Crates

Wooden crates have slatted sides and top and solid base, leaving the contents fully visible. Most suitable for facilitating customs inspections, reducing the need for repackaging after a thorough investigation! This also find application for optimizing packaging cost of solid, sturdy and heavy item usually transported in exclusive and bulk consignments. The crates can also be designed to make it suitable for fork lifting, with the base (bottom) either solid or crate type. These crates can also be chemically treated and used for export packing.

Wooden Cases

Wooden cases or boxes (they are the same) are solid on all sides. It surrounds the contents with timber cladding and is fully secure. Wooden cases are generally used for packing any kind of product to ensure maximum safety from transportation and handling damages. Wooden cases do not have any limitations in use with respect to the size, weight and shape of the item to be packed. The cases size can be made depending on the overall product. Wooden cases can be built to suit various lifting methods like a forklift, crane etc. and accordingly the base and overall construction of the wooden case is designed.

Pine wood Portable potting bench

1. 300mm x 600mm x 460mm
2. 600mm x 1100mm x 800mm

Pine Panel board

1. 38mm x 610mm x 3360mm
2. 38mm x 915 mm x 2700mm
3. Custom make.